I'm 24 and hold a bachelor of fine arts in creative writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, as well as a certificate in publishing. My career goal is to destigmatize mental health through editing and writing. I am the founding editor, production editor, and nonfiction editor at semicolon, a literary journal dedicated to mental health.


I grew up writing YA fiction, wrote my undergraduate thesis in nonfiction, and currently write a little bit of everything. My prose has turned more lyrical than I ever expected. The main themes in my writing are mental health and family. I write the dark truth; I don't hold back. Some say this isn't "aesthetically pleasing" for publications because of how raw it is, or that mental health doesn't need to be talked about this openly. I say the opposite.  


Outside of the literary world, one can find me freelancing, eating sushi, rewatching Parks and Recreation again (because Leslie Knope is my role model), or freelancing. I currently live in Raleigh, NC, where I work in digital marketing as an SEO specialist and am a remote contracted editor for Mascot Books.

"I am completely blown away by how thorough you were. Your grammar/punctuation edits were fantastic, and you had so many helpful and substantive developmental notes. You were able to pick out all of the details but still kept your eye on the big picture. That is so important for books (and editing in general). Also, your suggestions — and the way you offered them — was stellar. I am really impressed. You did a FANTASTIC job."


– Lauren M., Production Editor at Mascot Books

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