I grew up writing YA fiction, wrote my undergraduate thesis in nonfiction, and currently write a little bit of everything. My prose has turned more lyrical than I ever expected. The main themes in my writing are mental health and family. I write the dark truth; I don't hold back. Some say this isn't "aesthetically pleasing" for publications because of how raw it is, or that mental health doesn't need to be talked about this openly. I say the opposite. 


While I haven't had anything published in some time, it's because I've been focusing on my day-time career and freelance editing. I still have essays and stories that need to be written. One day, they'll be on screen.


Brave Voices

October 2019


"Sweet Dreams"

The Write Launch

September 2018

creative nonfiction

"The 11 Signs of Borderline
Personality Disorder"

X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

August 2018

creative nonfiction

"The Alcoholic in Me"

Capulet Mag 

November 2017

creative nonfiction

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