Freelance Services

For a quote, leave a detailed description on my contact page, and I will reply shortly. I will always take your budget into consideration.


There are many types of editing: developmental editing, line editing, and copy editing. I can do it all, and I will do it for any genre or length. I have previous experience as an editorial intern at Foundry Literary + Media and currently a contracted editor with Mascot Books. I can assist with query letter writing and agent researching. I am fluent in Chicago Manual of Style (generally the style publishing houses and magazines use), AP Style, and MLA.


Varies between $30–$45 per hour depending on length, genre, goals, and budget.



As I currently work in digital marketing as an SEO specialist, and being Google Analytic-certified, I have experience building organic traffic for websites. I can also write content for your website or social media accounts. I am on the marketing team for semicolon literary journal, and have four years of experience managing marketing coordinators for various literary magazines and non-profit organizations. I am here to give advice, train, manage, and even write and post for you and/or your company.​


Hourly, per project


While nonfiction and Young Adult fiction are my expertise, I have years of experience with content creation. I have written guest blogs and articles, with topics ranging from mental health and addiction to anything pop-culture and fitness, and ghostwritten short stories and novellas. I currently create content for lawn care and pest control companies at my day job. I am available for both long and short-term projects.




per project



I have taken numerous graphic design courses, as well as self-taught. I am fluent in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and can design anything from resumes to business cards to logos and beyond. 



All of my prices are based off the Editorial Freelancer Association and adjusted to my experience.

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